Core Data Cheat Sheet for Swift iOS Developers

Updated on July 27, 2016 – Additional Cheats

Having trouble recalling how to perform basic Core Data operations? This cheat sheet is a handy reference to keep you productive with Core Data and Swift!

The code snippets below are here to help jog your memory when it’s been a while since you’ve worked in Core Data. They could also be helpful for newcomers to iOS development, Core Data, and Swift.

One assumption I’m making in this post is that you’ve created NSManagedObject subclasses for your entities to make them easier to work with in a type-safe way. If you need help getting started with that, I’ve written a walk-through to guide you through that process.


Fetch all entities

Fetch maximum of N entities

Insert a new entity

Update a single entity

Update multiple-entities

Delete a single entity

Delete multiple-entities

Migrate Core Data Model with Automatic Migrations