SSRS: Which server sent my e-mail subscription?

I was recently troubleshooting a seemingly bizarre issue I was having with one of our report subscriptions – the production version was running normally, but our customer suddenly began receiving a very old version of the same report subscription.  After disabling the subscription from all non-production servers that I knew about, the customer continued to receive the rogue e-mail.  I needed to figure out which “mystery” report server was sending the e-mail subscription.

The answer was simple once I stepped back from the problem and remembered that there’s such a thing as a header to an e-mail that gives details about where the e-mail is coming from.

Outlook 2010 provides a way for you to view an e-mail’s header by clicking File –> Info –> Properties:


The Internet headers section is where to look – it’ll tell you which server was involved at the very beginning.


This turned out to be the key – after identifying the report server that was sending the e-mail to Exchange for delivery, I was able to disable the report subscription once and for all.

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