Troubleshooting SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010 Integration (Part 2)

You can visit Part 1 of this troubleshooting series by clicking here.

During our configuration of Reporting Services for SharePoint I ran into another common issue.

I consulted MSDN once again and followed the directions given at this MSDN article.  Even after following all these instructions, when I would attempt to create a new BI Semantic Model Connection in the SharePoint library, I would receive the following error:

Cannot connect to the server or database.

Even after adding the Reporting Services service account to the SSAS Tabular instance as a server administrator, we still hit this error.

Once again I found little documentation out there as I was troubleshooting, presumably because SQL Server 2012 is still quite new.  Here’s what we did to fix our problem:

The Analysis Services service must be running under a domain account.  When I installed SSAS, I took all the defaults for the server installation.  The SSAS service was running under some default built-in account which ended up being the problem.

Once we switched this to run under a domain account, I was able to create BI Semantic Model Connections using this library document type with no issues.

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