Using SwiftUI in a Playground

If you’re looking for a quicker way to iterate while you’re building SwiftUI views, and you don’t have macOS Catalina installed, you might enjoy the Playground experience more than you enjoy pressing command + R every time you make a change and want to see it in the user interface.

How do you do it? Here’s a code snippet to copy-paste into a Playground to get you going.

 1import UIKit
 2import PlaygroundSupport
 3import SwiftUI
 5// Make a SwiftUI view
 6struct ContentView: View {
 7    var body: some View {
 8        Text("SwiftUI in a Playground!")
 9    }
12// Make a UIHostingController
13let viewController = UIHostingController(rootView: ContentView())
15// Assign it to the playground's liveView
16PlaygroundPage.current.liveView = viewController
18// RUN!


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