FIX – Query in Parse Cloud Code Returns Unauthorized Error

The Parse migration process has begun – I’ve got a couple of small apps that used this backend as a service because the backend was simple and Parse was free.

The migration has gone fairly smooth so far, but I hit a wall and have been struggling to figure out the solution for about 3 hours. 3 hours too many, haha!

Problem Overview

Any time I did a query in my Parse Cloud Code, the query would fail. Every time I’d make a request to my Cloud Code function, I’d get “500 Internal Server Error” as my response.

I finally wised up and adjusted my query so that I could see the specific “internal server error” that was occurring:

When the details came back as to what was failing, the JSON object in the response looked like this:

I got to searching and found an issue on GitHub that pointed me in the right direction, but to spare you reading through the entire thread, here’s the gist:


I happened to be using a version of the Parse Server Example that was missing a critical line of configuration in index.js. When you configure your Parse Server by calling new ParseServer, you need to make sure that there’s a serverURL property that’s set to the URL of your Parse Server’s API endpoint.

My config didn’t have this, but the moment I added it, my Cloud Code queries worked perfectly as they did before. Here’s a look at my final index.js file with the relevant line highlighted:

I hope this little breadcrumb finds its way to someone before they spend 3 hours on a silly configuration issue.