Swift Unit Testing Resources

As I’ve researched Test Driven Development practices in general, and for iOS / Mac applications, I’ve been helped by several sources. I’ve also discovered a few things the hard way, so I’m combining and maintaining this list of resources to help point you in some helpful directions as you adventure in unit testing your iOS apps.

Pluralsight Courses

  • Play by Play: TDD with Brad Wilson – Awesome, awesome course. I learned some really great techniques from this one. The course is geared toward .Net development using Visual Studio, C#, and Moq, but you should still watch it if you’ve got a subscription – the techniques used can be done on other platforms. I’ve been practicing the techniques in Swift (minus the mocking framework).
  • TDD as a Design Tool – Geared toward web development with JavaScript / AngularJS, but has some useful patterns.


User Group Talks

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