UITableView Swipe to Delete Workflow in Swift

Data management applications, by which I mean an app where you’re allowing users to add, edit, and delete bits of data as part of your app’s core function, very likely use a table view (or two) to visualize lists of information that users of the app can interact with. Making changes to the information listed […]

Sync Table View Data: NSFetchedResultsController and Swift

Updated on September 23, 2015 – Swift 2.0 My goal with this article is to help you utilize the full power of NSFetchedResultsController. This is a continuation on a series of articles I’ve written on Core Data and NSFetchedResultsController, so you may want to check out those previous posts to get an idea of where […]

Swift How-To: Setting up a Table View

Think of this screencast as the “Hello World” of creating a view controller with a table view. I cover organizing things in the Storyboard, Auto Layout constraints, and the implementation of the data source protocol methods for a table view. Screencast Screencast Transcript [0:01] Hi, I’m Andrew from andrewcbancroft.com. I use table views fairly often […]

Displaying Data With NSFetchedResultsController and Swift

Updated on September 23, 2015 – Swift 2.0 The combination of an NSFetchedResultsController and a UITableView provides a powerful way to integrate Core Data with a user interface. The greatest benefits of using NSFetchedResultsController come when we use it to automatically update a table view when objects are added, updated, or removed from a Core […]

Custom UITableViewCell for Text Input in Swift

The need to collect data via text input is a common in many applications. This walk-through showcases how to create a custom UITableViewCell for accepting text input within a UITableView. Outline Table Views for Data Entry? Step by Step Walkthrough Set up Storyboard with table view Set up table view prototype cell with text field […]

Swift UITableViewDataSource Cheat Sheet

iOS developers will quickly recognize that there are a set of methods that always tend to get implemented when dealing with UITableViews . The problem I consistently face is remembering that set of methods that belong to the UITableViewDataSource (and UITableViewDelegate ) protocols. I find myself option-clicking the protocol name to remember the method signatures […]