Swift 4 Upgrade Error: ‘init(colorLiteralRed:green:blue:alpha:)’ is unavailable

I upgraded a project to Swift 4 today and hit a compiler error: ‘init(colorLiteralRed:green:blue:alpha:)’ is unavailable: This initializer is only meant to be used by color literals. The fix is pretty simple: Don’t use that initializer! (thank you, Captain Obvious!) The correct initializer to use for specifying a red, green, blue, and alpha to get […]

Swift UIColor Extension – Create using RGB Values (Not %)

I’ll say it up front – I’m not a great designer. What tends to happen with me and projects is that I end up saving all-things color until the end of a project. You know… the old procrastinator’s motto: “If you don’t get it done today and tomorrow doesn’t come, then you ain’t gotta do […]