DotNetZip – Solving Mac Decompression Issues

As part of a ASP.Net Web API service that I’m co-developing, I have gotten familiar with the DotNetZip Library.  It’s fantastic.  We’re using it to gather up a set of requested files from network storage, package them in a zip archive, and stream them back to a client via a web application. During testing, things […]

DataStage Range Lookup Failure – What Gives?

I just spent the majority of my morning trying to figure out why in the world my range lookup kept failing.  Hopefully this will save you some time in troubleshooting your range lookup failures.  To cut right to the chase, my resolution involved sorting my reference source prior to doing the lookup.  Adding a sort […]

Resolving “UDA-SQL-0569 Unable to load the driver manager library ( db2cli.dll )” with Framework Manager 10.1

When installing Framework Manager 10.1 and attempting to use it for the first time, things went down hill nearly immediately.  I made sure to install a copy of the DB2 client on my development machine, but I still ran into issues connecting to data sources in Framework Manager. For those who need to install a […]

Troubleshooting SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010 Integration (Part 2)

You can visit Part 1 of this troubleshooting series by clicking here. During our configuration of Reporting Services for SharePoint I ran into another common issue. I consulted MSDN once again and followed the directions given at this MSDN article.  Even after following all these instructions, when I would attempt to create a new BI Semantic […]

Troubleshooting SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services and SharePoint 2010 Integration (Part 1)

I recently worked with our SharePoint administrator to install SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode to take advantage of PowerView.  By following the installation instructions found at this MSDN article, we were able to painlessly install both Reporting Services and the Reporting Services Add-in from the SQL Server installation media. Then began the […]