Extracting a PKCS7 Container for Receipt Validation with Swift

So you’ve prepared to test receipt validation by setting up your app in iTunes Connect. You’ve brought in a cryptography library like OpenSSL to be able to work with the PKCS #7 container that acts as the “envelope” for the receipt. Perhaps you’ve even done it the “easy way” with CocoaPods. You’ve located and loaded […]

Loading a Receipt for Validation with Swift

I’m working through a progression of entries on the process of validating receipts with OpenSSL for iOS in Swift. To-date, I’ve explained how to get OpenSSL into your project (the easy way), and I’ve walked through how to prepare to test receipt validation, including how to set everything up in the Apple Developer member center, […]

Preparing to Test Receipt Validation for iOS

After having to piece together each step along the path of preparing to test receipt validation for iOS apps, I’ve decided to combine everything into the following guide. Whether you’re working to implement receipt validation for a new iOS app, or for an existing one, this walk-through should provide guidance to get you ready to […]