Working with Swift: Adopt a Protocol or Pass a Function?

Without fail, any time Rob Napier (@cocoaphony) speaks or writes, I gain insight into new and deeper ways to solve problems with Swift. In January 2016, he gave a talk at dotSwift, and I wanted to record my thoughts on something he said that made a lot of sense when it comes to the topic […]

Analyzing Swift Protocol Extensions and C# Abstract Classes

Being a C# developer by day and a Swift developer by night has me constantly thinking about the similarities and differences between these two languages. I genuinely enjoy programming with each, and I love it when I can take a strategy that works well in one language, and see where that might cross over to […]

Send a Type to Obedience School – Using Swift Extensions for Additional Protocol Conformance

Did you know that you can make any Type (here meaning Class, Enumeration, or Struct), even already-existing ones that you don’t have the source code for, adopt a protocol that it doesn’t normally conform to out of the box? You can – even if you don’t have the original source code for that Type! It’s […]