Parse PFCloud – “JSON text did not start with array or object”

It’s always the little things that lead to flatter foreheads (or at least it is for me). Banging my head against the desk this evening working on a Parse migration, I finally figured out what was causing an error condition in a PFCloud function call. The request to the server succeeded, but the response was […]

Deploying Parse Dashboard

Below are steps that I’ve taken, myself, to deploy the Parse Dashboard to a cloud host, such as Azure, or Heroku. Jump to… Clone parse-dashboard git repository Run npm install Edit parse-dashboard-config.json Modify local .gitignore Stage and commit all changes Set up private git repository Add new remote to your local parse-dashboard git repository Push […]

FIX – Query in Parse Cloud Code Returns Unauthorized Error

The Parse migration process has begun – I’ve got a couple of small apps that used this backend as a service because the backend was simple and Parse was free. The migration has gone fairly smooth so far, but I hit a wall and have been struggling to figure out the solution for about 3 […]