Managing Xcode Project Dependencies with CocoaPods

Announcing – New Pluralsight Course! I’m excited to announce the publication of my new course for Pluralsight titled “Managing Xcode Project Dependencies with CocoaPods”! Not a Pluralsight subscriber? I would wholeheartedly recommend checking out their plans. They’ve even got a free trial! Being a Pluralsight subscriber has literally been the single most impactful influence on […]

Considerations for Choosing 3rd Party Swift Libraries

While relying on 3rd party dependencies can provide you the benefit of not having to spend time implementing a portion of your app, realize that you’re essentially giving away little pieces of your app when you bring in a dependency. You’re delegating away a certain level of control off to someone else who has no […]

OpenSSL for iOS & Swift the Easy Way

I’m currently working on outfitting an app I’m working on to be able to validate receipts to verify purchases of the app. Little did I know, this adventure would introduce the need to understand how to use cryptography in order to work with the receipt. Jump to… Cryptography library needed OpenSSL for iOS with Cocoapods […]