Managing Xcode Project Dependencies with CocoaPods

Announcing – New Pluralsight Course! I’m excited to announce the publication of my new course for Pluralsight titled “Managing Xcode Project Dependencies with CocoaPods”! Not a Pluralsight subscriber? I would wholeheartedly recommend checking out their plans. They’ve even got a free trial! Being a Pluralsight subscriber has literally been the single most impactful influence on […]

Swift Unit Testing – Verifying Method Calls

In this unit testing screencast for Swift developers, we explore how to use Test Driven Development to verify method calls. Getting Started Guide If you’re new to unit testing or are trying to get set up with unit testing in a Swift project, you might check out my getting started guide before jumping into the […]

Swift Unit Testing Resources

As I’ve researched Test Driven Development practices in general, and for iOS / Mac applications, I’ve been helped by several sources. I’ve also discovered a few things the hard way, so I’m combining and maintaining this list of resources to help point you in some helpful directions as you adventure in unit testing your iOS […]