New Delights With Xcode 11

Xcode 11 has a few new shinies that are delightful (to me). This running list is here for you to notice and (hopefully) enjoy as well.

In your project settings, you can search for capabilities you want to add (instead of scrolling down the list and turning things “on” or “off”).

Capabilities Search

Editor Quick Actions

Holding the command key down while mousing over and clicking on various levels of your code presents a quick action pop-out. Handy! Xcode 10 had some of these as well, but Xcode 11 adds additional actions in additional areas.

Editor Quick Actions

Jump to Code from Minimap

The minimap in and of itself is nice, but I found the “jump to code” features smart and convenient.

Jump to Code

Marks in the Minimap

Have you noticed that // Mark: produces “header”-like text in the minimap?

Marks in the Minimap

// Mark: also produces a thin line break in your code - I think it definitely helps spot divisions in your code and could help find what you want a little quicker.

Marks Line Break

History Inspector (source control history)

There’s a little source control icon in the Inspectors pane that lets you quickly see commit history and perform quick actions.

Show History Inspector

Tooltip From Minimap

If you move your mouse over the minimap, Xcode will display little tooltips out to the left that correspond to major sections of your code, such as the class/struct declaration, properties, and functions.

Tooltip From Minimap

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