Swift Five - Week of February 14, 2021

Persistence prevails: Dave shares his iOS developer journey

After watching Dave Jacobsen’s story on YouTube, I found myself asking, “When would I have given up if I were in Dave’s shoes?”

He shares about the sobering reality of how much effort and dedication it really takes to transition careers. But he also proves it’s possible if you persist!

CoreML brings the beauty of braille to the seeing

How cool is this? Aaron Stephenson is learning braile. He’s also a developer.

What does he do to check himself to make sure he’s reading things correctly? He trains a CoreML model to recognize braile letters and display them using augmented reality.


Streamlined XCTestCase Template

Jon Reid is an amazing teacher of testing. I came across his Streamlined XCTestCase Template this week and had to share.

Kent Beck on the goal of software design

Ship something. Anything.

I’m thankful for this advice from Eduardo and Jeff.

Perfection is overrated. Ship something. Anything. Then improve it over time!

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