Disabling Xcode’s OS-Level Debug Logging

Full credit to Russell Ivanovic for his tweet for figuring out how to disable Xcode 8’s extremely chatty debug console logging. I just wanted this here for my own reference, but perhaps it’s helpful to you as well.

If you’re tired of sifting through operating system-level logging to the debug console while you’re debugging your app, it’s actually fairly easy to silence.

1. Edit the scheme for your app:
Edit Scheme

2. In the ‘Run’ section, click on ‘Arguments’ tab, and add a new Environment Variable. Use OS_ACTIVITY_MODE for the name, and disable for the value:
New Environment Variable

That’s it! Closing the Scheme editor and re-running your app will produce a beautifully silent console window, leaving you free to see what you wanted to see with print(), or other app-specific info (such as runtime exceptions) without having to sift through all that OS-level logging.

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