Report Studio Bullet Chart – Missing Target

Today I was working on a bullet chart in Cognos Report Studio.  The chart was rendering, but the target bar would never appear.  Here’s the scenario I was in and how I resolved my issue:

My Goal:

My goal was to show the average time to process an application against a target processing time for the current fiscal year.

My Situation:

My “actual” value was being returned in my query to the data warehouse – It is an average of the days to process an application (defined in Framework Manager).

My “target” value does not exist in the data warehouse, so I created a calculated item in my Report Studio query to hold the target value:


My Problem:

I created a bullet chart and dragged the appropriate items to the appropriate place in the chart:


The result of this when I ran the report, however, was a chart with a bullet but no target:


My Solution:

As it turns out, the Aggregation Function of my “Target Completion Time” was throwing things off for the chart.  This property’s default value is “Automatic”.

Changing the Aggregation Function from “Automatic” to “Calculated” fixed the issue:


The Result:

The bullet and the target now appear on my chart:


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