Contributing My Share of Bytes

There is a lot to know. A lot.

I happen to be one of those individuals who gets geeked out very, very often over very, very nerdy things.

As of late I’ve been really wanting an outlet to share what I’ve learned / am learning. The world doesn’t need another blog detailing the same things that are already out there – at least not a verbatim copy of information that’s available already.

But the thing I’ve figured out is that everybody has a slant on how they glean understanding on something that’s unique to them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read multiple blogs full of code or with a perspective on an idea and sort of used the combination of them all to come up with a better understanding on ___ topic that ends up working for me.

I recently read a tweet from Scott Hanselman
here that caused something to just click in my mind: he encouraged blogging rather than emailing. This makes sense – emails and other forms of direct communication have limited potential for helping effect. A blog post and an email with a link to the blog post has much greater potential for impact.

And then I took that and theorized about what could be possible if I just had an outlet to share what I’ve run across, because you never know when you might have the answer someone was looking for – they just needed you to share it in your own unique way that spoke to their particular scheme of processing information.

So here’s to hoping that maybe possibly somehow someday someone will find something of interest somewhere in this blog of mine. For now i foresee posts about some of the following:

  1. Thoughts on code that I’m learning / writing
  2. Stuff about SQL Server and Business Intelligence
  3. Discoveries from other realms of study
  4. Tutorials on things I’ve figured out and think might help someone someday
  5. Thoughts / reactions / responses to news
  6. Who knows what else…
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